Reaching the world from Connecticut

New Season launches October 1st!

This group was founded several years ago by a number of speakers, authors, experts and consultants -- mostly based here in Fairfield County, Connecticut. These individuals came together with the intention of helping one another grow and improve in the way they shared their knowledge with live audiences, and help each other in a variety or other ways. Due to significant demand for connecting virtually, they decided to expand globally. Speaking from Influence will continue to meet online each month, through "Zoom"

We welcome new members, in case you're interested in learning more about that please join us Friday 10/1/21 at 8 am This season our programs will expand in a few ways. Share how to create, plan, market, and execute your presentations. Share the benefits and features of in-person, virtual, and hybrid presentations. Collaborate to help you design, plan, and execute your business Plan of Action. Provide tips that help increase personal and business development. Offer networking opportunities to members. We are looking forward to seeing you on the Zoom Meeting! We have a great meeting planned for you!

Monthly meetings, online workshops, and private coaching are available to members!

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